Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Common pain conditions:

  • Injury Trauma
    • Shoulder pain can include a bone fracture due to trauma or injury. These injuries would commonly be caused by a sports injury or car accident, for example. 
    • Also included in this category would be a sudden onset of pain in the shoulder.
  • Tendinosis
    • Tendinosis is a condition that does not associate with inflammation. Symptoms include pain and swelling without redness or warmth around the tissues.
  • Bursitis
    • Bursitis is commonly a shoulder condition that involves the bursae that cushion bones, tendons, and muscles to become inflamed. Bursitis can be caused due to injury or overuse.
  • Arthritis
    • Someone who, over time, lives a very active lifestyle with excessive repetitive motion can cause increased inflammation throughout the area, developing Arthritis in the shoulder. 

How can these conditions be treated?  

Synergy Pain Relief Center offers several treatment options for Shoulder Pain. The pain can be relieved with a simple steroid injection to reduce inflammation in the pain area. Durable Medical Equipment can also be used to help treat this type of pain with either an Electrical Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS) Unit or with the use of a Bracing that can help correct posture. Manual therapy is also helpful in the recovery or management of pain for many of these symptoms. These are just a few ways our office can treat this type of pain.

I am experiencing shoulder pain.  Now, what do i do?

that is a great question.  If you are experiencing shoulder pain either due to injury or chronic condition, fill out the contact form below to schedule an appointment at one of our valley locations. 

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