Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain

Common Causes

Nerve Pain or (Radiculopathy) can stem from several areas. 

  • Neck
    • a pinched nerve in the neck can radiate down into the hand.
  • Mid-back
    • A pinched nerve in the mid-back can radiate and wrap around the ribcage and chest.
  • lower back. 
    • A pinched nerve in the lower back can radiate down the legs.

Nerve Pain is most commonly seen with a bulged disc in the vertabrae and spine and presses on the nerve. 

This can affect the upper and lower extremeties into the arms, legs, hands and feet and can also affect one or both sides. 



How can these conditions be treated?  

Synergy Pain Relief Center offers several treatments for nerve pain. As far as conservative treatment, we can offer manual therapy, massage therapy and therapeutic stretching as well as durable medical equipment to provide bracing and support in areas of the spine. If necessary, we can also perform steroid injections to provide more immediate relief for a longer period of time.

I am experiencing nerve pain.  Now, what do i do?

that is a great question.  If you are experiencing nerve pain either due to injury or chronic condition, fill out the contact form below to schedule an appointment at one of our valley locations. 

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