Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Common Symptoms:

  • Aching
  • Decreased Range of motion
  • Difficulty with movement
  • Sharp shooting pains that go down the legs

Common Causes: 

  • Injury
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Bulged disc
  • Arthritis

How can these conditions be treated?  

There are several opioid free treatment options for low back pain. Conservative measures include manual therapy or massage therapy. Durable Medical equipment can also be used to help treat the pain with either an Electrical Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS) Unit or with the use of bracing to support the painful area of the back. If needed we are also able to utilize injections to help provide some immediate pain relief as well as order additional diagnostic testing.

I am experiencing low back pain, now what do I do?

that is a great question.  If you are experiencing Low Back Pain either due to injury or chronic condition, fill out the contact form below to schedule an appointment at one of our valley locations.

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