Common Causes:

  • Triggers
    • Headaches can be caused by triggers like caffeine, certain smells or even food. Triggers such as these can cause a cascade into the sensory and lead to pain in the front of the head, one side of the head or even the back of the head. 
  • Stress and poor posture
    • Muscles surrounding the head become tight and bring on what we call "Tension Headaches" - one of the most common types of headaches. Hunched over and bad posture can increase tension in the musculature in the paraspinal region, trapezius and occipital region (the back of the head).

How can these conditions be treated?  

Synergy Pain Relief Center offers several treatment options for Headaches. The most common would be manual therapy and massage therapy to help loosen up the tight muscles causing tension. We can also offer trigger point injections in the back of the neck as well as the back of the head to help provide a similar result. There are many different varieties of headaches that we can also provide treatments for. These are just a few ways our office can treat this type of pain.

I am experiencing headaches.  Now, what do i do?

that is a great question! if you are experiencing tension headaches or any other form of headache, fill out the contact form below to schedule an appointment at one of our Valley locations.

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