Become a Synergy Satellite

Synergy Pain Relief Center is a program that is designed to allow established practices to medically ingrate. Synergy Pain Relief Center is committed to providing non- narcotic treatment for patients struggling with pain. We have PA’s overseen by Medical Directors that will placed in your practice. Here are some of the treatments that we will be able to offer.

Trigger Point Injections

Joint Injections

Nutrient Therapy

Occipital Blocks

Durable Medical Equipment

Peripheral Nerve Blocks


Physical Medicine

Non-Narcotic Pain Medication

Blood Labs

Contact Us To See If You Qualify

Making the integration process easy for your practice, Synergy will cover the cost for all required upgrades to the room in order to meet the medical standards to treat patients. We will provide all necessary equipment, supplies and staff in order to run the program. Our company will assume all related expenses to the clinic's operations.

There are several benefits to your practice:

  • We will rent for the room that we occupy
  • If DME is prescribed, your office will receive compensation for fitting and instructing the patient to use the product.
  • Your office will be flooded with new patients as Synergy is constantly marketing.
  • We will guarantee staffing and training compliant with all state and federal regulations.
  • No worries about maintaining staffing. We have a PA and staffing placement program. We have the ability to fill any staffing needs.
  • At the end of 18 months there is a 100% seller buy out option for the practice. Ask a representative for more details.

The benefit to the patient:

  • Patient Convenience. A Synergy clinic gives your patients easy access to a variety of services that will complement the treatment that your office is preforming.
  • Our comprehensive protocols will give patients easy access to services such as blood labs, imaging, and a variety of other diagnostic testing.